World Postcard Day: A Celebration of Communication with Postcards

World Postcard Day: A Celebration of Communication with Postcards

**The Birth of the Postcard**

The history of the postcard dates back to the year 1869 when the very first postcard was sent in Austria on the first of october. This innovative "Correspondenz-Karte" featured a blue, pre-stamped postage on the front and ample space on the back for a brief message. It was designed by Emanuel Herrmann, an Austrian postal clerk. The introduction of the postcard revolutionized written communication by providing a cost-effective way to send messages and convey greetings.

**The World Postcard Day Today**

Today, the World Postcard Day is celebrated globally on october first to keep the tradition of sending postcards alive. People use this day to nurture friendships, celebrate cultural diversity, and establish personal connections by sending postcards to friends and family or participating in postcard exchange events.

It is an opportunity to appreciate the beauty of handwritten messages and the uniqueness of each postcard. Whether you are a passionate collector or simply enjoy writing personal messages on a card, the World Postcard Day reminds us of how a small piece of paper can create a significant connection.

If you haven't discovered the joy of sending postcards yet, the World Postcard Day could be the perfect occasion to start. Write a heartfelt message, affix a stamp, and send a postcard out into the world. You'll be surprised how much joy it can bring. To make it even easier for you to express your appreciation to your loved ones, every order in September comes with a little surprise!

Who would you like to send a postcard to on World Postcard Day?

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