Here you can find postcards with illustrations from various artists.

  • Lali
  • Inge Löök
    Inge Löök
  • Die Sendung mit der Maus
    Die Sendung mit der Maus

    Fantastic postcards with the famous mouse, the elefant and the duck. Every child loves to watch their show and so they these postcards.

  • Krtek - The Little Mole
    Krtek - The Little Mole
  • Pettersson and Findus
    Pettersson and Findus

    Lovely postcards with many details of Pettersson and Findus. Sven Nordqvist got very popular with his stories of Pettersson and Findus. His drawings are extraordinary and all children and adults love them.

  • Blue cats by Rina Zeniuk
    Blue cats by Rina Zeniuk

    Here you can find postcards with the amazing and popular Blue cats by the illustrator Rina Zeniuk / Irina Zeniuk. They are especially popupar among postcrossers from the whole world.

  • The outstanding Ones
    The outstanding Ones

    Here you can find exclusive postcards from various creative artists from all over the world. We liked their art that much, that we decided to print their motives on our postcards.

  • Mila Marquis
    Mila Marquis

    Bautiful postcards by Mila Marquis by Edition Gollong. Her postcards are very popular because of the bright colours and her fairytale like motifs.

  • Nina Chen
    Nina Chen

    Postcards made by Nina Chen - full of fantasy and fairytales. Her postcards from Edition Gollong show their own reality with nonrealistic dimensions and very often something pink.

  • Carola Pabst
    Carola Pabst

    Beautiful postcards by Carola Pabst. Her illustrations published by the Edition Gollong show childlike and trendy motifs.

  • Jiska de Waard
    Jiska de Waard

    Exclusive postcards from the illustrator Jiska de Waard. These postcards combine the topics sealife, animals and Low German. The postcards are printed on natural paper and show funny scenes from the sealife.

  • Happy Postcrossing Cat
    Happy Postcrossing Cat

    For the postcrossing community we made a special series of postcards. This series is about a little red cat and her adventures with postcards. It is illustrated by a well-known Russian artist from Saint Petersburg and printed in Germany on high quality paper. Our postcrossing postcard series contains two current postcrossing trends: illustrations and cats. Both are currently very popular and wanted. A red cat is writing and sending her first postcrossing card into the world. A really special and unique experience! Every postcrosser will be happy to get these cards.

  • Monthly Postcards
    Monthly Postcards

    Gorgeous postcards with the month written on it and fantastic illustrations. Each postcard has a month as a topic and a matching illustration. These illustrations can be flowers or landscapes that are typical for a certain month.

    The highquality postcards that you can buy online in this online shop are illustrated by very well known artists like Inga Berkensträter, Kerstin Heß and Carola Pabst.

  • Alexey Dolotov
    Alexey Dolotov

    Exclusive postcards with cats. Not only catlovers love these stunning postcards. Your family and friends  will love to get a nice greeting on these postcardsfrom you. Alexey Dolotov is a known illustrator from Russia. Almost for twenty years he is painting fantastic illustrations with cats. His illustrations got quickly famous in the internet. Now you can find his cats on books, souvenirs, toys and stationary. Alexey Dolotov is not only famous in Ruissia, but worldwide.

  • Charis Bartsch
    Charis Bartsch
  • Pippa and Pelle
    Pippa and Pelle
  • Gisela Herberger
    Gisela Herberger
  • Ole West
    Ole West
  • Maritime Postcards
    Maritime Postcards
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Showing 1 - 23 of 441 items